About Accolades

Accolades is a web based app developed by VoIPIT that, along with the Asterisk software can manage a fully operational phone system. Accolades can provide a variety of services:

Accolades can be used in two different ways:

As a general rule, the options described in this document are fully available only for a local server. If you use the cloud version of the service, then most of the administrative settings are unavailable, due to security reasons.

Cloud version (recommended)

This version is the most used as it does not have additional costs for equipment (except for the phones, of course) and it does not require maintenance.

VoIPIT will fully configure the service, you only have to plug in the phones.

Local version

Accolades can be installed on your equipment. You will need a server, for the phones to connect to. VoIPIT will install Accolades on the server and will provide some services (updates, periodic monitoring etc.). Besides that, you will have to manage the rest of the auxiliary process, for a normal environment: network maintenance, operating system maintenance, server security etc.